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About one in 15 insured homes has a claim each year.

Source: Insurance Information Institute, 2017

What's covered by my homeowners policy? How much liability insurance do I need? What's the best way to take an inventory of my home?

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  • How to Choose a Deductible You Can Live With

    Having the appropriate deductibles for your auto and homeowners policies could provide peace of mind — and might even save you some cold hard cash.

  • Holiday Hazards: Tips for Celebrating Safely

    It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of holiday traditions and neglect the potential dangers associated with this time of year. Consider these tips for decorating and celebrating with good sense.


  • Jack Frost Is on His Way — Are You Prepared?

    Winter storms and cold weather caused $1.7 billion in property damage in 2016. This winterizing checklist could help protect your home and family.

  • Slip-Sliding on the Road: Tips for Winter Driving

    More than one out of five auto accidents is weather related, most often caused by rain, snow, sleet, and ice. Taking these precautions and carrying appropriate insurance coverage could help make this winter a safer, more secure driving season.


  • Insuring a Home-Based Business

    People who run businesses from their homes often assume that homeowners insurance provides sufficient coverage, but this misconception may expose them to a considerable amount of risk. Broader protection is offered by in-home business insurance policies, which are tailor-made for businesses that operate out of a residence.

  • What to Do After an Auto Collision

    Fender benders are fairly common on crowded U.S. roadways, but even a minor auto collision can be stressful and hazardous. Here are some things drivers should try to remember if they are involved in a collision.


  • Burning Land: Protect Your Home from Wildfires

    From January through mid-August 2017, more than 42,000 wildfires burned over 6.3 million acres of land across the nation. Unfortunately, in many areas, January through August is just a prelude to the real fire season. Consider taking steps now to help protect your home and family.

  • Hot Cars: How to Protect Against Auto Theft

    More than 700,000 motor vehicles were stolen in 2015, an average of one theft every 45 seconds. That’s a serious concern, but the good news is that vehicle thefts have dropped dramatically since 1991, due in part to more sophisticated anti-theft technology. Here are some tips that might help protect your car.


  • Insurance Tips for College-Bound Students

    If you have a student heading to campus, insurance might not be at the top of your to-do list. But it’s important to address insurance needs before the beginning of the school year.

  • RV Insurance: Protecting Your Home on Wheels

    Sales of new recreational vehicles are on track for another record year. A specialized RV policy could provide the coverage you need, whether you’re on the road or visiting your favorite campground.


  • Smooth Sailing: Boat Safety and Insurance

    Before you hit the water, make sure that you have appropriate insurance coverage and follow safe boating practices.

  • Stay Safe in Your Pool or Spa

    A backyard spa or swimming pool can provide hours of family fun, but it could pose a serious danger, especially to young children. These tips may help protect your family and friends.


  • Renting a Car? Explore Your Insurance Options

    If you have auto insurance, is it necessary to purchase the coverage offered in a car rental company's contract? If you’re planning a trip, don’t wait until you approach the car rental counter to think about your insurance situation.

  • House Hunters Should Check for Insurance Issues

    Thus far in 2017, Americans have been buying homes at a rapid pace. Here’s why it’s important to consider the price and availability of homeowners insurance — even before purchasing a particular property.


  • Hurricane Season on the Horizon: Are You Prepared?

    The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season is projected to be less severe than 2016, but every hurricane season brings the potential for danger. Consider these tips for protecting your house, planning for evacuation, and carrying appropriate insurance.

  • Keeping Teen Drivers Safe

    A driver’s license can create an exciting sense of freedom for a teenager, but this new freedom comes with additional risks. Make sure your teenager has appropriate training, and that both you and your teen understand the applicable rules, safety concerns, and insurance issues.



  • Protecting Yourself from Uninsured Motorists

    Despite compulsory auto insurance laws in almost every state, about one out of eight drivers gets behind the wheel without coverage — creating a potential liability not only for themselves but also for insured drivers.

  • Flood Insurance: Rising Waters, Rising Costs

    Flooding is the most common and expensive natural disaster in the United States, causing billions of dollars in losses annually. Learn how you can purchase coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program, and how recent federal reforms might affect your policy.